NDP REALITY CHECK: Justin Trudeau supports half of the mission in Iraq

Now that Canadian Forces on the ground have been engaged in combat with enemy forces in Iraq, Justin Trudeau has an interesting take on things. Last week the Department of National Defence revealed that Canadian soldiers who are participating in an “advise and assist” role have in fact been engaging in direct fire and directing the dropping of bombs.

Here’s what Justin Trudeau said today:

“Well, there’s two parts of the mission, the airstrikes mission and the advise and assist mission that the Liberal party from the very beginning was supportive of.”

– Justin Trudeau, media availability, January 28, 2015

Well, that’s odd. Here’s what Trudeau had to say about combat in September:

“The Liberal Party is not supportive of any extension into a combat role. We think Canada’s role should be strictly non-combat.”

– Justin Trudeau, media availability, September 25 2014

And he never thought airstrikes were a good idea, did he?

“Mr. Trudeau, however, did not completely rule out sending jet fighters in the future.”
– Globe and Mail, September 11, 2014

Well, there’s at least one time he was right:

“I think Mr. Mulcair is, you know — from what I hear, has a lot more questions about Canada’s involvement.”

–  Justin Trudeau, September 17, 2014

Canadians deserve better.

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Tom Mulcair proposes concrete measures to help the middle class

“Manufacturing, Innovation and Lower Small Business Taxes Will Create Good Jobs and New Opportunities for the Middle Class.”

In a major speech to the Economic Club of Canada today, NDP Leader Tom Mulcair announced concrete proposals that will help Canada’s manufacturers and small businesses create good-paying, full time middle class jobs for Canadians. 

“I believe the most important economic asset Canada has is the middle class,” said Mr. Mulcair. “Today’s proposals will help our manufacturing sector and small businesses create middle class jobs and help weather the storm in the months and years ahead.”

Mr. Mulcair announced that an NDP government will trigger manufacturing investment by extending for an additional two years the accelerated capital cost allowance, scheduled to expire later this year.

Mr. Mulcair will also boost innovation, research and development by introducing a new Innovation Tax Credit to encourage manufacturers and businesses in other industries to invest in machinery, equipment and property to further innovation and increase productivity.

Tom Mulcair also announced that an NDP government will cut the Small Business tax rate from 11 per cent to 9 per cent.  “The Small Business tax cut will provide immediate and permanent help for Canada’s hard working small business people who are the backbone of local communities and the creators of 80% of all new jobs in this country,” explained Mr. Mulcair.

“These initiatives in manufacturing, innovation and lower small business taxes are a first of a series of important steps to create jobs and immediately give a break to the middle class,” concluded Mulcair.

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Statement by the NDP official opposition on International Holocaust Remembrance Day

NDP leader Tom Mulcair made the following statement on the International Holocaust Remembrance Day:

“Today we mark the International Day of Commemoration in memory of the victims of the Holocaust.

“On January 27th 1945 – soldiers of the Soviet Union’s Army of the First Ukrainian Front opened the gates and liberated the prisoners of the Auschwitz-Birkeneau death camps.

“Today, seventy years later, we remember the children, women and men who were victims of Nazi atrocities. We remember the six million Jews – one third of the Jewish people – who were killed alongside countless others because of their race, religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.

“We must never forget them and, in the words of Auschwitz survivor Primo Levi, ‘carve them into our hearts’ so their history can stand as an enduring warning of the dangers of hatred, bigotry and prejudice.

“We heed this warning today not just by memorializing, but through teaching our children about the victims of the Holocaust and recommitting ourselves to the fight against racial, ethnic and religious intolerance.”

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The NDP calls for a public inquiry into the Lac-M├ęgantic tragedy

NDP Transport critic Hoang Mai (Brossard—La Prairie) has requested that the Conservatives launch a public inquiry into the Lac-Mégantic tragedy. 

“It’s time that we get an independent public inquiry into the transportation of dangerous goods by rail.  We want to be sure that the improvements in railway safety will be enough to prevent any further tragedies.  Understanding exactly what took place in Lac-Mégantic is part of the solution,” said Mai.

Radio-Canada investigative reporting program, Enquête, recently showed that the Transportation Safety Board report on the Lac-Mégantic tragedy had been watered down. The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) has also raised serious questions regarding Transport Canada’s lack of transparency on matters of railway safety. 

“We can’t restore public trust by allowing such important decisions to be made behind closed doors. We need to learn from our mistakes. It’s time we take action and show some transparency,” added Mai.

A public inquiry into the Lac-Mégantic tragedy would shed light on the measures that have been implemented to avoid another catastrophe. Canadians want to know the truth, not a watered-down version of the facts or the compromised public safety that this Conservative government has given them. Canadians deserve better.

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NDP statement on Const. David Wynn

NDP MP Linda Duncan (Edmonton – Strathcona) made the following statement on RCMP Const. David Wynn’s funeral:

“On behalf of Canada’s New Democrats, I extend heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of RCMP Const. David Wynn.

We join all Canadians in paying respects to Const. Wynn for all he gave to his community.

RCMP officers are renowned around the world for bravery, integrity and a strong sense of duty. We are indebted to this corps who like police forces across the country put their own safety at risk to defend, serve and protect.

Our hearts go out to you in your time of sorrow.”

Ms. Duncan will be attending the funeral.

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